The 5 Best Sewing Projects

Your sewing projects have a story that makes them special. A lot of effort and love goes into them. When one of my projects is done, I want to tell everyone about it.

That's why I made this section for you to show off. This is where you tell us about your favorite creation and why it's so great.

It could be the first one you made for your new house or the cute dress that makes you look sexy. I will publish your projects on my site, and they'll be seen by the world!

How to Get Featured

Submit your best project and tell us all about it. Include a description, the materials you used, how you made it and any fun story behind it.

You don't need a blog to get published, all you need is an awesome idea to share. Every project will be given its own page on my site. You can share the URL with your friends, post it on facebook or pin your pics. People can even comment and rate your pages.

If you do have a blog and you'd like me to link back, your subscription must be at least 400 words long and have one picture (more is better). It must also be quality original content not published anywhere else.

For example, if you already have a skirt tutorial on your site, tell us how you came up with it and what was your inspiration, don't just copy and paste what you already have.

What Should You Submit?

  • Sewing tutorials
  • A story of why your project is special.
  • The inspiration behind what you made.
  • Your most challenging project.
  • Your first project ever.
  • Something special you made as a gift.
  • Anything that you find fun and inspiring.

Be creative, I'm always open to new ideas.

Submission Tips

  • Include well-lit pictures that clearly show what your project is about.
  • Make your story fun to read.
  • Check grammar and spelling before you hit publish!
  • Your most important ideas should go in the first paragraph.
  • We want to see your sewing projects in action. If you made a purse, show us how you combine it. If you made a pillow, we want to see it on your bed.
  • This is your chance to show off, use it!

Show off Your Sewing Project

Share your project, it's free, fun and easy to do. Every project you submit will get its own web page and have a chance to be featured in my top 5.

What Other Visitors Submitted

Get inspired by these awesome projects, don't forget to comment and rate your favorites.

Slouchy bag 
I wanted a bag that my husband would use! that would fit a laptop or tablet and would be unisex. I came up with the Slouchy bag. It's a beginner project …

Origami Clutch Bag 
Here’s a personalized eco-friendly gift wrap solution. Every year I feel saddened by looking at the big bags of trash after the Christmas party. I was …

Purple floral headband 
Sewing inspiration is everywhere. With a little creativity, it's easy to remake your favorite items. Misha shares how she made a copy of her favorite headband …

Purple Floral Dog Collar 
I made NessaRose a new collar for her birthday using the sew-it-love-it pattern with a few minor modifications. I used a scrap of fabric from my stash …

Dog jersey for my friend 
Every dog needs a cute sweater, and if it’s custom made, it’s even better. Dogs can really feel the love and dedication that goes into them. Misha …

Christmas Dog Outfit, Tommy the Elf 
Here's a fun and simple idea to make your own Christmas dog costume. All you need is an old sweater and some imagination. Why use the boring Santa costumes …

Dog Sweater Ideas 
This is my first attempt at drafting a pattern and my rescue for making a dog's jersey! The sweater came out so comfortable that my dog didn't want me …

Toddlers shortalls or Dungaree 
We sewists are always looking for inspiration. It can come from a book, a movie, or something we see on the street. Why not look through your favorite …

No Excuse for Animal Abuse Project 
I am a big animal lover, and wanted to show my love for animals and objections to animal abuse on my casual shoulder bag. I measured the front pocket …

Running Pouch 
I like to go jogging in the morning. I needed a running pouch to carry the house keys, my cellphone and some money. I looked around in some sporting stores, …

Pink Doggie Dress 
I had been wanting to make a dress for my chihuahua for a while but I had never got around to it. I finally decided to do it over the weekend. I found …

Sewing New Placemats Using Old Jeans 
I invited some friends over for dinner. I wanted the event to be really special, and I decided to make new place mats. The ones I had were better kept …

Reusable Snack Bag tutorial 
A reusable snack bag is a great way to reduce pollution by plastic bags. It’s also a great project for a beginner sewist. They can be bought in many places, …

Drawstring Backpack Tutorial 
This is an easy step by step tutorial to make a kid’s fully lined drawstring backpack. It's very easy and fun to sew, which makes this a great gift. All …

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