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Sewing Darts

Sewing darts in your clothes gives them shape so you can show off your pretty curves. You mostly find them in the bust, waist and hips areas.

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How to Hem The Right Way!

Learning how to hem is essential for anyone who likes sewing. There are blind, rolled or narrow, seam binding and machine hems. Learn the steps to making a great hem, and when to use each one.

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Sewing Seams -The Essential Guide

Learn the basics for sewing seams. From deciding the right seam allowance to pressing and finishing. Here's a guide that will teach you everything about this important step.

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Reusable Snack Bag tutorial

A reusable snack bag is a great way to reduce pollution by plastic bags. It’s also a great project for a beginner sewist. They can be bought in many places,

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Origami Clutch Bag

Here’s a personalized eco-friendly gift wrap solution. Every year I feel saddened by looking at the big bags of trash after the Christmas party. I was

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Join my Sewing Contest and Win a Free Craftsy Class

Join my sewing contest and win a FREE Craftsy Class. All you have to do is send me your best project.

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Purple floral headband

Sewing inspiration is everywhere. With a little creativity, it's easy to remake your favorite items. Misha shares how she made a copy of her favorite headband

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