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Sewing equipment and tools

If you're a beginner, you'll need to assemble basic sewing kit. This is one of the most exciting parts in learning how to sew.

It's so fun to look at all the pretty things and imagine what you'll make!

Sewing is a whole art. And like any art, it needs special tools to be properly carried out. It's not just about needle and thread, you also have to cut, press, measure and fit. There are special tools that'll make these tasks easier and faster.

Most fabric stores sell beginner's kits that include everything you'll need for your first couple projects. You can even get them online. You can also buy your notions separately.

Besides your basic tools, you'll need a pretty box or basket to put them in. This will help you stay organized and have everything ready to use. Make sure it's large enough to fit all your notions, but leave some extra room.

You'll be adding to it regularly as you become more advanced.

Here are some things that a good kit should have:

*You won't find a kit that includes these, but you'll also be needing them.

You'll be able to sew lots of pretty things with the sewing equipment listed above. There are some more professional tools that you should consider though. Even if you don't buy them right now, it's good to know they exist. You never know when you'll start to need them.

Sewing Machine Accessories

Sewing equipment and tools

If you have a sewing machine, or plan on using one, you'll need special accessories for the machine.

Clothes making accessories

Sewing equipment and tools

If you're going to make clothing or you'll be working with patterns you will need another set of tools.

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