Pillow Patterns

Easy Ideas to Decorate Your House

Pillow Patterns

Learn to make pillow patterns and give any boring room a fun twist. Throw a couple of decorative pillows here and there and you'll see the difference it makes.

Don't settle for a boring house, having a beautiful home will make you feel happy and relaxed. Here are some ideas to get you started.

For the Living Room

Buy memory foam pillow inserts and make a set of throw pillow covers. When you get bored with your deco all you have to do is change the cover and you have a new living room.

Add a pillow bolster for decoration. Use contrasting colors for a fun spin. Try neutral ones like brown, gray and white for classy elegance.

A Nice Surprise for The Little Ones

Choose a theme that your little one loves. Make different sized pillows with a fun shape. Find a fabric with a print that matches the main theme and make new pillowcases. Try making your own personalized bed pillows.

Make a Luxury Bedding set

Sew a set of pillowcases and complement them with pillow shams. Personalize throw pillows to match the comforter and sheets. You can even add a couple bolsters to make your bed extra comfy.

Experiment with your favorite fabrics. Pay special attention to the texture and choose the ones that have a smooth touch. Awaken your senses with a set of satin pillowcases. Try flannel or a short fur for cold places and use linen for a cool touch.

These will be the best bed pillows you've ever had.

Don't Forget The Dog

He likes to be comfortable too! Make him a super puffy bed pillow.

Wanna add a nice touch? Make his bed match the furniture colors.

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