Homemade Dog Bed

"that looks store bought"

Homemade dog bed

Carolyn Benes was one of the testers for my dog Bed sewing pattern. She sells crafts at a thrift shop to raise money and supplies for an animal rescue group.

I was really excited that she volunteered to try my pattern! She's an expert because she makes two different bed designs for her shop.

I include small and medium patterns and she made both of them. The small one has different fabrics on the top and bottom. I like her idea, it makes the beds look even nicer and more interesting. You could use a cheap and resistant fabric for the outside, and compliment it with a prettier and softer one for the inside.

Homemade dog bed

The medium one is all black with a multi colored ribbon.

Homemade dog bed

"I have tested the Cuddle Cup Bed pattern using the text with photos for the small bed and the text only for the medium bed.

I really like the pattern!

I like the zipper option of being able to wash the bed without the stuffing. I look forward to making more of these beds. They have a nice quality look to them.

With that said, I am officially turning my critters loose to try them out."

Carolyn Benes

This is a good pattern to make for sale because it's very fast, easy to make and you won't get a homemade dog bed look. You can see more versions of this bed here and here, they all look so different. If you want to make one yourself you can get the pattern over here.

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