Free Dog Clothes Patterns
Sew a Sports Hoodie

Free dog clothes patterns

Free dog clothes patterns for you! I want to show you how I made this pretty outfit for my dog. Making dog clothes is so much fun.

Use left over fabric from other sewing projects to make your dog's clothes. I used a soft knit that keeps Camila warm, but also lets her move freely. I even added a hoody and long sleeves for those extra chilly days. She looks so pretty, she never wants to take her clothes off!


Making the Dog Clothes Patterns

Free dog clothes patterns

Sleeve Pattern

To Get Leg Length

Measure along the front leg's side from the top (where it begins) to the floor.
  1. Measure the circle for the leg hole from your dog clothing pattern. Draw a rectangle using 1/2 of this measurement for the rectangle's width and your dog's leg length measurement for the height.
  2. Draw a slight curve on top of the rectangle.
  3. Add a 3/8" seam allowance to your pattern. Only add it on the right and top sides. Don't add any for the bottom or left edges.

Hoodie Pattern

To Get Neck Length

Measure the dog's neck from where it starts (where the collar is) to the top of it's head. Add an extra 1.5"-2" to leave room for movement.
  1. Draw a rectangle using 1/2 NECK WIDTH and NECK LENGTH measurements
  2. Make a slight curve on the top right corner of the rectangle.
  3. Add seam allowances. 3/8" for the bottom and side of the rectangle that has the little curve. 1" for the other side. Don't add anything on the top.
  4. Draw the buttonholes

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