Free Apron Patterns
Make a Fun Baking Apron

How to make apron patterns

Free apron patterns! I made this lovely apron out of an old tablecloth.

It's very easy to sew and the pockets make it so useful! It's perfect for baking cookies and other sweet yummies. This is a fun project to learn how to use the sewing machine because it only has straight seams. That doesn't mean it's not cute.


  • An old tablecloth or other plaid fabric. Make sure that one side of your fabric has a stronger print than the other one.
  • Red and brown acrylic paint

How to Make It

1. Cut one rectangle of each size:

  • 22" x 24" (for the apron)
  • 5" x 39" (to make the sash)

2. Make a 1" machine hem on one small side of the apron rectangle. Fold 1/4" and then fold 1".

How to make apron patterns

2. Fold the hemmed edge 6" towards the wrong side of fabric to create the pockets. Pin and press. Sew two vertical lines dividing the large pocket into three smaller ones. Each one should be about 7" wide.

3. We're going to create a false bias tape. Fold one of the 22" edges 1/4" towards the wrong side of the fabric, then fold it again. Secure your folds with pins. Iron flat and pass a straight stitch on top very close to the edge. Repeat with the other 22" side.

How to make apron patterns

4. Make a sash with your long rectangle. Leave a space of 24" in the middle without sewing.

5. Pin the sash to the top edge of the apron. Pair their centers so that the apron is in the open part. The right side of the sash should face the wrong side of the apron. Sew in place.

How to make apron patterns

6. Press the seam allowance towards the sash. The sash should now be wrapping the upper edge of the apron. See how it naturally falls into place. Sew the top to close.

How to make apron patterns

The Fun Part

Draw a cupcake in the center of the apron. I just made a simple shape without much detail. Paint the red wrapping, the brown top, and add a little red cherry! Add short red lines on top of the stitches to give it a hand made look.

How to make apron patterns
Decorate your free apron patterns

Yay, you're done!

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