Free Apron Pattern
From an Old T-Shirt
To a Beautiful Apron

Free Apron Pattern

I made this beautiful apron from two old t-shirts. Use this free apron pattern to make one too. It's very easy to sew, yet very cute and functional! Perfect for a Sunday grill, or summer pool party.

Here's What You Need:

  • Two large t-shirts that are the same size. (They should be larger than your t-shirt size, I'm small and I used large for mine).
  • 17" x 9" rectangle of pretty fabric
  • 2.5 yds of ribbon 1.5" wide (Finish the edges: cut them in a diagonal line, or just quickly pass a lighter to stop the fraying)

How to sew it:

  1. Cut the sleeves off of one t-shirt. Cut the back along the pink dotted lines. (DO NOT cut the front).

    Free Apron Pattern

  2. Fold your t-shirt in half along the middle and cut cut it into this shape.

    Free Apron Pattern

  3. From the lower edge of your second T- shirt cut:

    • 1 strip 8" wide (cut this one first, we want it to have the hem on one edge)
    • 2 strips 2" wide (It's ok of you don't cut them perfectly straight)

  4. Ruffle your 2" strips along the middle. Each one should be about half of your apron's width when finished.

    Free Apron Pattern

  5. Gather the side that is not hemmed of your 8" strip to your apron's width. Now you have a little skirt!

  6. Pin your skirt to the lower edge of your apron. Make sure it is about 1/2" above your apron's hem.

  7. Pin your 2" ruffles on top of your little skirt. The skirt's edge should be slightly showing below these little ruffles.

    Free Apron Pattern

  8. Sew with a straight line over the middle of the ruffles. It looks so pretty!

    Free Apron Pattern

How to Make the Pocket

  1. Make a 1" machine hem on one of the 17" sides of your pretty fabric rectangle. Fold and press 1/4" towards the wrong side of fabric on all the other sides.

    Free Apron Pattern

  2. Pin your rectangle to the apron where you want the pocket to be

  3. Sew along the edges of the rectangle with a straight stitch. You can add a second decorative stitch.

  4. Sew 2 straight lines parallel to the short sides of your rectangle to divide it in 3 and create 3 pockets.

How to Attach the Ties

  1. Measure how long you want your apron's neck strap to be. Mark this measurement with two pins. This part should be right at the middle of your ribbon.

    Free Apron Pattern

  2. Cut the shoulders from the t-shirt in a triangle shape.

    Free Apron Pattern

  3. Make a knot with the ribbon below the shoulder seams. Use the part that is marked with a pin. Do this for both sides.

    Free Apron Pattern

  4. Take what's left over from the ribbon and knot it around the corner of your apron. Do it on both sides.

    Free Apron Pattern

Ta da! You're done with the free apron pattern. Do you have more ideas? Share them in the comments.

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