Fabric Clutch
Purse Pattern

Fabric Clutch Purse Pattern

The good thing about making your own bags is that you can experiment with different styles, colors, fabrics and combinations. I'm always amazed by the things people make from my patterns. Cristy's bag is no exception.

She made it using my fabric clutch purse pattern. She chose an oriental jacquard for the exterior, satin lining and silver ribbon to make this purse very classy! I like how she used contrasting colors for the lining and zipper in the inside of her bag.

Fabric Clutch Purse Pattern

This is one of those things that you want to take everywhere you go because it's so beautiful!

"This was my very first time to sew a clutch, but I love a challenge. My general impressions of the pattern were great, especially as someone who isn't used to sewing this type of item.

I appreciated the pictures very much. The illustrations at the end for the interior panel and then the final assembly were helpful. That last illustration saved my bacon! I will recommend this pattern to my sewing friends!"

Cristy Slawson

Find your needle and thread to start sewing one yourself! You can get the pattern here. Don’t forget to send me your pictures so I can show off your beautiful bag!

Cristy is a SAHM of 2 wonderful kids. Visit her blog to see some really cute dresses and costumes she's made for them.

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