Easy Dog Dress Pattern

Easy dog dress pattern

Easy dog dress pattern. Cut a few rectangles, sew them together and make a dress for your dog.

I like to dress up my dog for special occasions, but the cost of the clothes can get really expensive. I prefer to sew my own things, it's cheaper and I have way more fun.

I can choose pretty fabrics and get crazy with the design. I mostly make my dog's stuff from scraps. This way, I don't even have to spend money on the fabric.

There are many different dresses you can make. I'll start by showing you how to make a very easy one sewing only rectangles. It's really fast and it'll make your dog look adorable.

You can use the same idea for sewing other dresses, get creative with it and pretty soon you'll have more dresses that you know what to do with.


How to make it

  1. Your dog dress patterns will be only rectangles. Here are the measurements for each one.

    Piece Name How many to cut Width Length
    Body 2 half of your dog's chest width half of the body's length
    Ties 4 4" divide chest width measurement by 4 and add 3"
    Skirt 1 chest width half of the body's length
  2. Fold your body rectangles in half along the width. Draw a small curve on the top edge and cut it off.

    Easy dog dress pattern
  3. Fold your tie rectangles lengthwise in half. Sew one long side and one short side.

    Easy dog dress pattern
  4. Clip the corners and turn inside out. Press.
  5. Sew a piece of Velcro on the closed edge of each rectangle.

    Easy dog dress pattern
  6. Hem two short sides and a long one of the skirt rectangle.
  7. Gather the unfinished edge so that it measures the same as the body's width.
  8. Pin it to the bottom edge of one body piece. Leave 3/8" to each side. The skirt's right side should be facing the body's right side.

    Easy dog dress pattern
  9. Hand baste them together.
  10. Pin the ties and ribbons to the right side of the body piece that doesn't have the skirt. Two of the ties should be 3/8" above the bottom edge. The two other ones go a few inches above. Make sure that the velcros match.

    Easy dog dress pattern

    The ribbons go on the top edge.

    Easy dog dress pattern
  11. Place the other body piece on top. Their right sides should be facing each other and the skirt and ties should be sandwiched in between.
  12. Sew them together along the edge with a 3/8" seam allowance. Leave a small hole on one of the sides for turning.

    Easy dog dress pattern
  13. Turn inside out and press. Close the hole with a ladder stitch.
  14. Ta da! You can use the same dog dress pattern for making other styles.

    Easy dog dress pattern

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