An Easy Way to Sew
a Dog Coat Pattern

This is an easy dog coat pattern to sew. I love making clothes for my dog, but sometimes I don't have much time and I want to put together something quick.

I came up with an easy way to make a dog coat sewing pattern. This project will keep your tail wagger warm during those cold winter days. I made mine out of a piece of corduroy. Use a plastic coated fabric, to make a waterproof dog coat!

Dog Coat Pattern


  • Pretty fabric
  • Dog Measurements
  • 4 buttons (If your dog has short fur, you could use velcro instead)
  • Bias tape, ribbon, lace or something pretty for the edge of your dog coat.

Tracing Your Dog Coat

Dog Coat Pattern

  1. Body
  2. Draw a rectangle using 1/4 of your dog's chest width measurement as height, and back length measurement as width. Draw a small curve on the lower right corner of your rectangle. Mark 1/4 of your dog's neck width measurement along the left side of your rectangle and draw a small curve from here to the top of your rectangle.

  3. Chest pattern
  4. Make a rectangle with 1/2 of your dog's chest width measurement as width and 4" as height (this measurement is for a medium dog, vary it according to your dog's size). Add 2" to the width of your rectangle. Round the corners of your rectangle.

  5. Neck pattern
  6. Draw a square using 1/4 of your dog's neck width measurement. Now draw 1/4 of a circle using this square as a guide. Round the corners of this piece too!

Cut the Dog Coat Pattern

Place the dog coat patterns on your fabric and cut them out. Remember that the sides of your patterns that have the straight arrow should be placed along the fold of your fabric.

Dog Coat Pattern

  1. Body
  2. For the Pocket

    Cut a square to the desired size.
    Cut 1 piece if you will use bias tape or a ribbon for the edge, cut 2 pieces if you decide to line your body piece

  3. Chest pattern
  4. Cut 2 pieces

  5. Neck pattern
  6. Cut 2 pieces

Sewing the Dog Coat

Dog Coat Pattern
  1. Take your two chest pieces and match them with the right sides facing each other. Sew along the edges. Be sure to leave a small opening so you can flip them right side out. Do the same with your neck pieces.
  2. After you sew your neck pieces together, make small cuts all along the sides so they don't bulge when you turn them over.
  3. Turn your strips inside out and sew along the edges.
  4. Make buttonholes or add velcro on the ends of your strips
  5. Now take your body piece and place it on top of your dog. Place your neck and chest pieces where you want them to be and pin them down. Be careful not to poke your dog!
  6. Make a mark on your body piece where the neck and chest pieces should go. If you are using buttons, make the marks on the buttonholes. If you are using velcro, mark the end of your strips.
  7. Sew the velcro or the buttons on to the body piece
  8. Add a decoration to your body piece. I added a pocket!
  9. Finish the edges of your body piece. For this you have several options:

    • Line it with another fabric
    • Add bias tape or a pretty ribbon to the edge
    • Use a serger stitch for a grunge unfinished look
  10. Fasten the neck and chest pieces where they should go.

You're done, your pooch will be warm all winter long.

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