Dog Clothing Patterns Tutorial
Make Your Own Dog Clothes

Learn to make dog clothing patterns. I love making clothes for my little friend.

I put together this tutorial so you can do it too. You'll be able to make the prettiest outfits using just one pattern.

Your baby will love them, and it's a fun way to save some cash and style him up. He'll be proud to show off the clothes you made for him.



    A french ruler is used to draw curves. Use a round lid or plate if you don't have one for this purpose.
  • Dog Measurements
  • Pencil or pen
  • Ruler
  • French ruler to draw the curves.
  • Large tracing paper

How to Make the Patterns

1. Draw a rectangle with your dog's BACK LENGTH and 1/2 of CHEST WIDTH measurements.

Dog clothing patterns tutorial

2. Mark the measurement for CHEST LENGTH on the larger side of your rectangle with an A.

3. Find the middle of your rectangle's height and mark it with a B

4. Draw a curve from A to B. You can round the corner at B so that your pattern doesn't look so square. Make this curve softer if you have a girl dog and more curvy for a boy.

Dog clothing patterns tutorial

5. Mark the measurement for 1/2 of the NECK WIDTH on your rectangle's short side, with a C.

6. Mark 3/4" on the rectangle's large side with a D. This works well for a medium sized dog. Make this mark smaller or larger, depending on your dog's size.

7. Draw a slight curve from C to D

8. You're almost finished. All you need to do is draw a hole for the leg. You can do this by looking at your sewing pattern.

  • Make the leg hole a bit smaller than the size of the chest area.
  • Your dog's legs may look skinny but look closely. They're very wide at the top, right where they start.
  • You need to leave enough room so that your dog can move comfortably.

Dog clothing patterns tutorial
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