Dog Clothes Patterns
Make a Sports Hoodie -Part 2

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Cutting The Patterns

Fold the fabric with right sides on the inside. Place the side of the dog clothes pattern that has the arrow on the fold. Pin and cut. Do this for your dog's body, leg and hoodie patterns.

Finish the edges of all the pieces with a zig zag or serger stitch

Dog clothes patterns

Sewing the Sleeves

Dog clothes patterns


    Use your machine's zig zag stitch to sew elastic. This will allow it to stretch.
  1. Wrap a piece of elastic around the narrow part of your dog's leg. Just before it's paws. Make it a little loose because it will get tighter with the fabric. Cut two pieces using this measurement.
  2. Place the sleeve on a flat surface with the wrong side of the fabric facing upwards. Stretch the elastic until it is the same size as the bottom edge of the sleeve (the one that is straight).

    Pin it 3/8" inches above the edge. Sew the elastic to the sleeve, making sure you stretch it as you sew. When you release, the sleeve will gather together. Repeat for the other sleeve.
  3. Fold the bottom edge of the sleeve towards the wrong side of fabric to create the hem. The elastic should be wrapped inside it. Stretch the sleeve again and sew to close the hem. Make sure you don't sew on top of the elastic.
  4. Sew the sides together to close.

Sew the Hoodie

Dog clothes patterns

  1. Make the buttonholes
  2. Fold 1" towards the wrong side of fabric along the straight side and sew. This is where the cording will go.
  3. Fold the hoodie in half and close from the back.
  4. Turn inside out and add the cording through the buttonholes. Secure with a cord lock and put a cord end in each of the hanging cords. The hoodie for your dog sweater is done!

Attach Sleeves and Dog Hoodie to Body

Fold the body in half with right sides inside to close. Make sure the chest area parts are aligned and sew them together. Sew the sleeves and the hoodie to the body piece.

Congratulations, now you are a dog clothes patterns master! Try making a matching leash and collar.

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