Dog Bed Sewing Patterns

Dog bed sewing patterns. Every dog needs a special place to rest. Sew a bed for your little friend and show him how much you love him.

Wanna know the best part? This dog bed is easy to wash so you can always keep it clean!

Make your own dog bed sewing patterns

Let's get started sewing that dog bed before your pup gets his paws all over that your couch.


Saving Tip

Cut your dog bed sewing patterns out of patchwork and reuse your old scraps. First arrange the scraps by color and sew them together to make a large piece. Then use it as you would any other fabric.
  • 1 square cushion foam the size of your desired dog bed
  • 2 pretty fabrics

The Fun Part

1. Measure the cushion foam and jot down: width, length, height

Make dog bed sewing patterns

2. Cut these dog bed sewing patterns: 1 top piece, 2 bottom pieces

  • Use one color fabric for the top and the other one for the bottom.
  • Once you have the size of your pieces figured out, add 1 extra inch on the length and 1 extra inch on the width of each piece for seam allowances.

Make dog bed sewing patterns

3. Make a hem 1" wide on the edge of your bottom piece's longest side. Fold 1/2" first and then 1". Repeat with the other piece.

4. If you want to add a decoration to your top piece, now is the time to do it.

  • I hot glued some dots on mine to make a domino dog bed.
  • You can add a pretty flower or a bone shape for a boy dog.
  • Writing your dog's name on it would look so nice!

5. Align the center of the top piece's smaller side with the center of the bottom piece's larger side. (right sides of fabric facing each other). Sew, leaving 1/2" without sewing at the beginning and at the end.

6. Make a small cut on the bottom piece where the stitching ends (this is where the corner of the top fabric is).

7. Turn what's left over from the bottom fabric and align it to the edge of the top fabric. Sew, stopping 1/2" before the edge of the bottom fabric.

8. Make a small cut where you stopped. Turn the bottom fabric again and align it to the edge of the top fabric. Pin together all the way down.

Repeat steps 6, 7 and 8 for all corners. The bottom pieces will overlap.

9. Sew the sides of the dog bed to close. You're done!

Make dog bed sewing patterns

Turn the dog bed inside out and put the cushion foam in.

You have a comfy washable dog bed that matches your decoration! Try making a leash and collar set.

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