Cosmetic Bag Pattern

"these pouches will store your favorite supplies!"

The great thing about pouches is that you can never have enough. Whether it's makeup, money, toys, crafts or bills, you'll always find a good use for them!

Here's an elegant set of bags made by Prisca, one of the testers for my Cosmetic bag pattern. She used a classic Japanese fabric and some scraps to make these cuties.

Cosmetic bag pattern

I could go on and on about how great her set came out but I'll let Prisca tell you all about it herself.

Prisca's Pouches

"I'm a on and off sewer so I consider myself as an intermediate sewer. I'm used to sewing clothes, and this was the first time that I made this kind of item.

The Cosmetic Bag Pattern's instructions are great. I think you've noticed that English is not my native tongue. I didn't ask anything to my husband or to Google translate. The pictures are very helping.

Thank you so much!!! You don't how great it is to have sizing in centimeters (even if I'm good at math, imperial system is sometimes a mystery to me...).

It took me an afternoon to make all these items. That was easy and quick sewing. The wallet is a piece of cake, so beginners could easily sew it. I think that beginners could sew the pouches too. Your explanation about sewing the zipper was very clear."

Cosmetic bag pattern

The wallet

"I made the wallet with Japanese fabric (cotton) and a some scrap fabric. The main and the contrasting fabrics were the same because I love these traditional Japanese cats. I didn't use the trim because at the beginning the wallet was made for my son to store his pencils and stickers.

Cosmetic bag pattern

I found it so cute that I used it to store my interchangeable knitting needles for carrying it in my purse."

Cosmetic bag pattern

The medium and large pouches

"I made the large pouch with Japanese fabric (the same as the wallet), some denim and lining from scrap fabric. I didn't use interfacing because of the denim’s thickness. My son stores his cars in it.

Cosmetic bag pattern

The medium pouch was made the same way."

Cosmetic bag pattern

The small pouch

"This one is made with oil cloth and some scrap fabric (cotton) as lining."

Cosmetic bag pattern

Are you ready to try it yourself? You can get the patterns here.

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Prisca blogs over at Sparkle and Co about her sewing adventures. Visit her site to find lots of inspiration!

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